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Home & Business Pest Control Service Surrey

Wandering Critters are a local company you can rely on for mole, rat, wasp, deer, mink, and mouse control. Call today on 07717 187312

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Here When You Need Me

Wandering Critters Pest Control Surrey are on-hand when you need help removing pests and critters from your property. I have certificates and qualifications to handle a variety of exterminations so you can have peace of mind that I know what I'm doing.

I aim to be flexible around your needs and always promise a discreet service - designed not to cause too much disruption to your home or business. Get in touch to discuss my pest control contracts, and call me for anything urgent on 07717 187312.

European Mole
Squirrel grey squirrel
A side profile portrait of a young wild rabbit sitting in a field looking alert

Mole Catcher

I work on a No Mole No Fee Basis to ensure that you have peace of mind when working with me. Only humane traps are used for trapping and removal of moles. I do not use gasses or chemicals so the area would be still safe to use by children and domestic pets. Read more about moles.

Rodents & Vermin


-Harvest Mice






I use a number of humane techniques when handling rabbits including:

-Ferrets & Purse Nets

-Long Nets



Read more about rabbits.

Red Fox
Five red deer hinds
three wasps emerge from their nest. Image shot 08/2008. Exact date unknown


I take good care to ensure that removal of any foxes is handled humanely and safely. I do not use any chemicals so the area will still be safe to use. The majority of the time foxes aren't much of a pest and try to avoid coming into contact with humans as much as possible.

Deer Control

It is important to manage deer to ensure a healthy and sustainable deer population in balance with the environment, to protect them from starvation due to overgrazing to reduce potential for disease and from death and injury in road traffic accidents.

Wasp Nest Removal

Where possible if nests are found well away from potential risk of stinging or causing annoyance to homeowners etc, I would question the destruction of wasp nests as wasps also destroy many insect pests in gardens.

Where there is cause that individuals in the household are of a hypersensitive nature and are likely to suffer an anaphylactic shock from a sting, then I would recommend treatment of that nest.

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"Mink catchers extraordinaire! Very knowledgeable and experienced- solved our mink problem and shared with us their knowledge of wildlife ways."
RogerM-352 - Yell Review

For home and business pest control in Surrey, look no further than Wandering Critters.

Call Martin today on 07717 187312.

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Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

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